About Cover Missouri

Groups from across Missouri are convening as the Cover Missouri Coalition because they share the vision of reducing the number of uninsured in Missouri. Members work to build awareness, facilitate enrollment, increase health insurance literacy, and support Medicaid transformation. They also share learnings and best practices, maximize resources, identify challenges and opportunities, and build inclusive plans to insure Missourians.

Cover Missouri is a project of Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) to promote quality, affordable health coverage for every Missourian. MFH is the convener of the Cover Missouri Coalition and is an independent philanthropic foundation dedicated to improving the health of the uninsured and Missourians most in need.

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    About Missouri Foundation for Health

    Missouri Foundation for Health is building a more equitable future through collaboration, convening, knowledge sharing, and strategic investment. Working in partnership with communities and nonprofits, MFH is transforming systems to eliminate inequities within all aspects of health and addressing the social and economic factors that shape health outcomes.

    To learn more, please visit mffh.org.